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A long overdue bookon organization design

A long overdue book onorganization design

Organization redesign exercises consume enormous time, resources and energy, and yet they so often get stuck midway, or fail to deliver the aspired benefits. Executives need a comprehensive framework that enables them to discover and weigh up a variety of situation-specific design alternatives, starting from five categories of design variables: architecture, processes, culture, people and technology. This long overdue and ground-breaking book brings together the building blocks of organization design thinking into a logical flow, from concept design through detail design and transition to implementation.

The book steers clear of academic abstractions, simplistic formulaic solutions, flavor-of-the-year debates and misleading anecdotes from today’s superstar firms. It is written for smart executives at mainstream companies who realize that organization design choices are contextual and influenced by their company’s specific history.

The book is relevant to C-suite executives in search of a conclusive and efficient organization design process. It will also appeal to board directors, senior and middle managers, internal project leaders, organization design consultants and anybody else leading or supervising an organization redesign exercise.


The Authors

Herman Vantrappen (left) is the Managing Director of Akordeon, a strategic advisory firm. A former Senior Partner at Arthur D. Little, he is the coauthor of Fad-Free Strategy, and has published numerous articles in a variety of journals, including MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review.

Frederic Wirtz (right) leads The Little Group, a corporate advice company focusing on strategy development and organizational performance improvement for clients worldwide. He is also a member of the board of directors of several organizations and currently chairs the board of the Belgian Red Cross.

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Herman Vantrappen
Frederic Wirtz